Hello! I am Corinne and this is my blog about my journey towards a more sustainable life. Posts will be recipes for natural body products and delicious, healthy food.

As a recent college graduate who majored in Environmental Studies, stores like CVS give me such anxiety because it’s literally just chemicals and plastic in there. Thus, inspiration for this blog. In the past year, I’ve learned a lot a lot about sustainable living– from learning to make my own laundry detergent, discovering all the wonderful uses for/benefits of essential oils, and delving into the healthy/clean eating community on Instagram. I teach yoga at my university, which I will be returning to in the fall to do a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy. I am passionate about sustainability, health, and the urban environment– especially the intersection of those things. What does that mean? I’d like to become a sustainable urban planner, who focuses on bike transit/walkable cities and urban green spaces.

I can remember as early as 4th grade being obsessed with reading about vitamins and what foods to eat to meet those needs in my American Girl Caring and Keeping of You book. I grew up watching the Food Network and Travel Channel, dreaming of becoming the next Rachael Ray or Samantha Brown. In middle school, I would pretend I had my own food show. Many years later when I finally got my own apartment, was off the university meal plan, and could choose what food to buy, I found such enjoyment and relaxation in cooking. I still love reading about nutrition, leading me to become vegetarian at the end of high school. As my yoga practice and network of people grew, as well as my knowledge about food politics and the impact food has on the environment, I’ve started to explore more with vegan recipes. Now, I love cheese. Love. It. I’m not going to identify as vegan (just yet) because I know there are still 2am pizzas in my future. BUT, when I actively try to cut down on dairy, I notice a difference. In my skin, in my energy level, how I feel overall. So, I am excited to commit to this journey and share my experience, and most importantly, recipes.

Essentially, I am compiling a resource here. The recipes will probably not be mine, but I will credit where I found it– again, as a resource. Each one will have a little personal touch or change to it though. When you Google “vegan mac and cheese,” so many different recipes show up. How do I know whether to make the “Super Creamy” recipe or “the BEST” recipe?? Weigh my options based on what I have at home already and what sounds better, melding several recipes together.

Well, I’ve written an essay as usual. Thanks for reading if you got this far and I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


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