I’m back. I realize I’ll be sporadic in the beginning unless I’ve got some loyal followers who are interested in what I’ve got to say and keep me on track (calling any friends!).

I’ve got tons of recipes I want to share. It’s just that stopping to take pretty pictures of the process of making something is a hindrance. And then uploading them. Making a blog post about it. I’m a 21 year old currently working full time and trying to figure out how to be a person. I guess I’m not doing a terrible job? I mean, I can feed myself. And I am making good choices about it.

I’ve been “trialing” eating less cheese and…somehow it’s been working. In fact, I ate in yesterday because my boyfriend had cheese in his fridge and my mind said “CHEEESE” but it didn’t taste that good. Okay, what? I used to live on and live for cheese. But looking into environmental impacts, health research, and just seeing how much happier every vegan or health food blogging person I know is…I had to try. So, I’ve been trying. And succeeding. I haven’t bought cheese for myself or eggs, and I’ve been on the almond milk train for years. When I go out, I’ll sometimes get things with cheese (pizza, BRUNCH), but I’ve also been seeking out vegan restaurants/eateries. And let me tell you , they are not skimping on quality food.

The low down: I feel great. I have so much more energy, I look forward to my smoothies or chia pudding or overnight oats in the morning super packed with super foods. And the variety of trail mixes I make for work, salads with the whole fridge thrown in, my own homemade hummus. I love food and I feel like I am starting to love it even more because I know how it can transform you.
Now, I know. Vegans are obsessed with being vegan (and I don’t want to call myself that yet because I want to be able to keep my options open and not have to defend everything I eat like it’s a big deal). BUT I can say that I’m starting to believe. It’s weird, I feel like I have more clarity, more energy leading to more ideas, more purpose, more vigor for getting out there (and biking to work, or going to yoga at 7am, enjoying). And my skin looks better than it has in years– I’ve watched youtubers talk about that, but I’m seeing it. Also PRO TIP: apple cider vinegar toner (2 parts water, 1 part apple cider vinegar). Works wonders on skin clarity, acne, acne scars. I am ecstatic that something(s) are finally working for my skin. My body was CRAVING a smoothie for dinner after eating late snacks and an afternoon donating blood (see, here’s that purpose thing again), so I honored that.

I’m excited to see where my goals bring me over the next year. Really living my values in terms of the environment by reducing my impact through food, waste, and reducing use of chemical products. These things are lifestyle changes. But I am loving the changes.


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