Time is Your Most Precious Resource

That’s what being zero waste and moving towards a more sustainable life is all about. Slowing down, being mindful (sorry, I hate that buzz word too, but I might be starting to get it), making time for what’s really important, getting rid of what isn’t.

So, I’m trying to commit to goals and lifestyle changes while working full time and then starting my Masters in the fall, trying to make healthier food, exercise more, share my recipes and tips (I’ve got so many ideas for content already and I’m thinking of more everyday), work on relationships, reading more. How can I make time for all this? An inspiring friend of mine who meditates 20 minutes in both the morning and afternoon every day (another goal, but again time…or at least perceived time) has told me many times, “I just stopped saying I was busy and I found that I did have time.”

How many hours a day do we spend looking at a screen, really (myself included for sure)? I think we can make time to prepare ourselves a good meal and sit down and savor it without distraction. I can think of almost no one I know who eats without watching TV or some other distraction. Try it: put down everything and just sit with your food. It’s so important. We’ve largely lost our connection with the intimate human experience of savoring and sharing food– you can go to the supermarket and pick out any vegetable, any time of year and most people don’t even look to check where it’s from. A good first step is try to try to buy produce that was only made in your country (I make exceptions for tropical fruits and avocados because come on bananas are a staple). You can further scale it down to local, seasonal from there.

Back to time. Healthy, delicious food doesn’t have to take long (cue Rachael Ray…although I can’t remember if she was that healthy). I bring you a recipe today that is so fast– it doesn’t even require cooking– and will give you energy to be productive, saving you more time. Wow, efficiency.

– 1 red bell pepper
– 1 avocado
– corn
– beans (I used white beans because they were available, but black or any bean works)- sea salt
– pepper, cumin, cayenne, whatever spices you like

You just slice the pepper in half, gut the seeds. Slice the avocado in half, squeeze/scoop each side into each pepper half. Season with sea salt, cumin, cayenne, other spices. Top with corn and beans. Add additional spices. Cilantro or parsley would also be great if you’ve got it around.

I made a raw meal out of this and followed it with half a papaya, seeds gutted, and filled with a passionfruit. That combination is too real. It’s like a dessert.


(If you’re reading this from the Massachusetts area, I usually shop at Market Basket. Their produce section is amazing and incredibly cheap as produce goes. Plus they try to source locally for things that are in season and they’ve got an organic section. There is not anything you can’t find there… you just maybe won’t find it because that store is massive and always packed.

Upcoming posts:
– My Personal Waste Audit: I collected all my trash in a ziploc bag for a week to see what I usually throw away. If you don’t know what you throw away, how can you change it? I’ll show you my bag and distill some zero waste tips!
– Edamame Pesto recipe
– Tips on being a smart consumer. Tip #1 Read ingredients on everything you buy.

P.S. I promise to start taking pictures with my good camera. I just don’t wanna play around with getting a perfect pretty food shot, I wanna eat it.


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