Vegan Spicy Cauliflower Burger (with Lemon Kale Chips)


As I stated early on in my blog, I am not working on creating my own recipes just yet in the vegan game, but I am sharing some of my favorite, easy, and cheap vegan recipes and synthesizing them on my blog– for me and for you. I thought about this all day at work today and probably all week. So, here’s the recipe:

It’s so easy, very filling (I can polish off a loaded chipotle burrito bowl and still have more for ice cream, but I was surprisingly full), healthy, and good. I used to be skeptical when people would say “cauliflower steaks” or like “raw vegan donuts”… like, that is not a donut. But I’m finding that these replacements are equally as good and much better for you. Plus, a head of cauliflower can make you 3-4 steaks, which is ridiculously way less expensive that buying that amount of meat.

Notes: I am a super lazy cooker. I try to cut corners so I don’t use as many dishes and I am almost always cutting out a seemingly meaingless ingredient here or there. I did not have a milk or vegan butter while making this, so I used all water instead of milk and just hot sauce in some of the leftover batter and didn’t add butter. It turned out fine, it turned out great. But I am super excited to try again using those ingredients because it will add fat and flavor, or another recipe for it. I also didn’t make the ranch even though it looks amazing because I am moving soon and trying not to buy groceries for the next 2 weeks (coming up: no waste everything-in-the-fridge improvised salads)– I cannot WAIT to not be sharing fridge space with 4 other people where I only have a half shelf and a produce drawer to house 2 weeks worth of produce…LOL. Anyway, coarse grain mustard is really good on this.

In between steps 1 and 2 of cooking the cauliflower, I threw some lemon kale chips in the oven to crisp up. Seriously, you put the cauliflower in for round 1, get out your kale, chop it up (or just rip…again, saving dishes), put it on a foil lined baking sheet, add olive oil and lemon, mix with your hands (olive oil is a great moisturizer…SAVE DISHES, SAVE WATER), top with some sea salt, and pop those puppies in the oven. Check on them sooner than the nearly 25 minutes of cooking time that will still be left, as they’ll likely cook faster than this.

WONDERFUL. Enjoy and let me know if you end up trying it!


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