5 Things You No Longer Need To Buy

  1. Dish soap (see #3)
  2. Hand soap (see #3)
  3. Shampoo. Alright, so pause. Don’t buy shampoo? Yup, I stopped using traditional shampoo in January and I’ve never looked back. I use the same product now for shampoo, dish soap, and hand soap. And that wonderful product is DR. BRONNER’S liquid castille soap. The bottle of this says it’s 18-in-1 and I seriously don’t doubt it. You can buy this stuff in big bottles from Target, CVS, health food stores, online. If you’re feeling ambitious you can even buy a jug. Or you can start out with smaller bottles and see how you like it (hint: you will) and then save those little bottles for future use of transferring bulk soap into manageable bottles in the kitchen and bathroom.
    This product does not foam as well as regular dish detergent– largely because it does not contain chemical foaming agents– but that means you don’t have to rinse something out 17 times to get all the suds out, which is great. It seems to foam perfectly well for hair though. I started using this when I still had long hair and it gave me wonderful volume, so I would highly recommend.
    Save money, save yourself from questionable chemicals (post on that coming up soon), save plastic. Plus, this stuff smells fantastic. Lavender is my personal favorite, but they also have peppermint, tea tree, orange, and several other scents.
  4. Lotion. This stuff is FILLED with nasty chemicals and preservatives. Again, I’ll be doing a post soon about ingredients to avoid. But if you own anything from Bath and Body Works, their formulas are terrible. Full of parabens. Actually, surprisingly, Cetaphil is a huge offender of parabens too– you can read about those nasty suckers here.
    But anyway, coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer. And you’ll smell like a macaroon depending on what brand you buy. I see nothing wrong with that. You probably already own coconut oil (olive oil is a good moisturizer as well, or pretty much any oil), so there’s no need to waste money on chemically laden lotions. (Side note: for face moisturizer at night and in the winter, shea butter is a miracle worker.)
  5. Chemical cleaning supplies. Sprays and all purpose cleaners you get at the store have a whole slew of chemicals in them– and they probably aren’t even listed on the bottle. Since you are using these in a confined indoor space, it can be especially harmful to be inhaling them. A simple, greener, cheaper option requires just three ingredients: water, distilled white vinegar, essential oils (to mask the vinegar smell). Just get a spray bottle (or save one of your old ones and give it a good rinse) and mix one part water and one part vinegar (i.e. 1 cup of each) and 20-40 drops of essential oil. Tea tree and/or lemon are great options because they are both natural disinfectants.
    Additionally, buying cleaning supplies like Swiffer floor wipes is pretty wasteful. You can save ratty old t-shirts and cut them up to fit on your Swiffer handle and then use your vinegar solution to clean, wash and re-use!

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