My name is Corinne. I’m a recent college graduate who’s trying to navigate being a person. A person who doesn’t produce trash and through that, learning to make my own body products and easy, healthy, eco recipes.

Originally from Baltimore. Currently in Massachusetts. Pursuing a Masters in Environmental Science and Policy.

Interests: maps, thrifting, crocheting, yoga, reading about sustainability, reading about cities (especially in used books), going to cities, going to the mountains, trap music, folk music, upcycling, DIY everything, craft beer (IPA enthusiast), food, making food, going out for food, reading about food, photography, plants, growing plants, scuba diving, Parks and Rec, parks, walking, biking, reading about walking and biking (I’m a huge urban planning nerd if you can’t tell), learning.

Favorite places I’ve been: Western Australia (all of it- Perth, Ningaloo, Margaret River); Melbourne; Great Barrier Reef; Asheville, NC; Colorado (I spent 3 weeks backpacking in the mountains and didn’t go inside or shower the whole time); Burlington, VT

Top places I want to go: Amsterdam, India, Tokyo, Patagonia region



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